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Thermal Labels (Roll) 4041

Model #: SKU4041-WH
Direct Thermal Label — Roll
Direct Thermal Label — Roll Direct Thermal Label — Roll

• Direct thermal printable water resistant labels with bar-codes print capability
• Tamper-evident adhesive with black bar sensor
• 1.0” Core and 3.875” Outer Dimension
• 1,100 Labels to a Roll
• Ideal for use in Laboratory & Pharmacy

The Medirex two inch by one-and-a-half inch Direct Thermal Labels was designed specifically for the needs and uses of patient identification labels in Laboratory and Pharmacy processes. However, it’s versatility has made it a popular label for a majority of processes in healthcare facilities.

The tall live-area and unique dimensions of the 4041-WH Direct Thermal Label make it easy to design an easily-readable patient label. A versatile Thermal Label for use any where in your healthcare facility.


  • Product Benefits
    Priced Competitively
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

    Software Enabled Benefits
    Award-winning label design for improved usability

  • Media Size: 1.5″ Tall and 2.0″ Wide
    Perforation: Every 1.625” in the roll
    Core/Outer Dimensions: 1″/3.875″
    Quantity per Roll: 1,100 Labels
    Packaging: 25 Rolls per Carton

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