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SuperSoft ID Band with 20 Labels

Model #: SKU8501
SuperSoft ID Band with 20 Labels
SuperSoft ID Band with 20 Labels

• Supersoft ID Band
• Laser Printable Band
• 20 Laser Printable labels

The 8501X was the first SuperSoft Band designed using our new, patent-pending material. We researched the process and people involved in creating a Patient Identification product that would solve the issues of ALC patients. It needed to address four key issues: softness, resistance, durability, and compatibility.

  • Hospital/Staff Benefits
    Tamper evident
    No latex or phthalates in product
    Highly water and chemical resistant
    Can be worn by acute care patients for up to 30 days
    Very well priced/economical
    Very simple and quick to apply to patient
    Available in Alert Colouring (8501R) and with Medical Alert Colour Strips (8501C)
    Large area for patient demographic information and barcodes (1D & 2D)
    Little staff training required
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

    Patient Benefits
    Softest band in the market place
    Very comfortable: very thin, light-weight, and no pressure on skin
    Doesn’t irritate puncture sites from IV or testing

  • Media Size: 11.0″ Long and 8.5″ Wide
    Adult Armband: 10.5” Long and 1.0” Wide
    Patient Information Area: 6.5” Long and 1.0” Wide
    Labels: 20 x 2.5” Long and 1.0” Wide

  • (listed by Current PDC Supplier Code)

    9200-00-PDM, 9310-00-PDR, 9311-00-PDR, 9325-11-PDR, 9500-11-PDR, 9502-11-PDR

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