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SuperSoft ID Band with 12 Labels + Alert Strips

Model #: SKU8512R
SuperSoft ID Band with 12 Labels + Alert Strips
SuperSoft ID Band with 12 Labels + Alert Strips

• Supersoft ID Band
• Laser Printable Band
• 12 Laser Printable labels
• Alert Colouring (Red)

The 8512R with 12 labels is the ideal solution for the Registration of patients moving to Inpatient, Day Surgery, Ambulatory Care, or Emergency departments. The 12 labels perfectly suit the volume typical of these patients. Fewer labels. Lower cost. Less waste.

  • Hospital/Staff Benefits
    Tamper evident
    No latex or phthalates in product
    Highly water and chemical resistant
    Can be worn by acute care patients for up to 30 days
    Very well priced/economical
    Very simple and quick to apply to patient
    Available in Standard (8512)
    12 Labels reduce waste
    Large area for patient demographic information and barcodes (1D & 2D)
    Little staff training required
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

    Patient Benefits
    Softest band in the market place
    Very comfortable: very thin, light-weight, and no pressure on skin
    Doesn’t irritate puncture sites from IV or testing

  • Media Size: 11.0″ Long and 5.83″ Wide
    Adult Armband: 10.5” Long and 1.0” Wide
    Patient Information Area: 6.5” Long and 1.0” Wide
    Labels: 12 x 2.5” Long and 1.0” Wide

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