Delivering Positive Patient Identification and Meeting your Best-Practices Criteria

Adult/Infant SuperSoft ID Bands with ID Cards — MFB

Model #: SKU8501P
SuperSoft PED Band MFB - SKU8501P
SuperSoft PED Band MFB - SKU8501P

The SuperSoft Positive Identification Band MFB with ID Cards was specifically designed for use with Neonatal procedures; ideally with expectant moms either at Registration, Labour & Deliver, or OBS.

Even more amazing, is we designed it for use with twins so the same product can be used for single or multiple births.

What makes this SuperSoft Band so great?

Softness: patients ranging 3-85 years old, wearing it for 2-4 weeks without irritation.

Resistance: submerged for over 240 hours and tested with a variety of commonly-used chemicals; printed/hand-written content didn’t fade.

Durability: strong, durable and tamper-Evident.

Compatibility: laser-printable.

Click on the image to see a detailed sample of those features or download our literature for high-resolution samples of all our products.

  • SuperSoft bands provide fast, accurate, and economical patient identification for your health facility.
    The admissions procedure is shortened and accuracy is enhanced.

    Amazingly Soft: ideal for even the most sensitive skin-types
    Water/Chemical-proof: ideal for ALC patients
    Durable: ideal for high-risk patients
    Tamper-Evident: ideal for high-risk patients
    Laser Printable: no additional printers needed
    Cost Competitive: ideal for improving patient safety without increasing budget
    4 Bands: ideal for use with single or multiple births

    Available in Standard (SKU8501P)

  • 1. Patient-Proof
    2. Naturally Waterproof material (no assembly required for waterproofing)
    3. Unmatched Comfort
    4. Tamper Evident (Ideal for Patient Safety)
    5. SuperSoft Bands for Babies and Parents
    6. Family ID Cards
    7. Latex Free
    8. Available in Allergy Alert
    9. Punch holes for convenient insertion into charts.

  • 8.5” x 11” sheets
    Adult SuperSoft Band (2)
    Infant SuperSoft Band (4)
    Family ID Cards (2)
    Long-edge Punch Holes for a variety of Binders & Charts (7)

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