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Patient Medical Alert Identification Solution — Colour Dots

Model #: SKU7754
This, Not This.
This, Not This. Label on SuperSoft ID Band with 12 Labels Patient Medical Alert Solution — Colour Dots SKU7754

• A simple, inexpensive, clearly identifiable solution to Patient Medical Alerts (single or Multiple)
• Fits all Medirex SuperSoft ID Bands
• Arrives in small packages that fit in any drawer at nursing or patient registration area
• Standard Triage colours: red, yellow, purple, green, and pink.
• Each label measures 0.75″ in diameter

Have multiple Patient Medical Alerts but don’t want to stock all the colours (red, yellow, purple, and green)? The Medical Alert ID Solutions label sheet is the perfect solution. The 0.75″ diameter labels perfectly fit on any of the Medirex SuperSoft ID Bands and most other ID Bands.

  • Priced Competitively
    54 Patient Medial Alert Labels:
    – 24 Red Dots
    – 12 Yellow Dots
    – 6 Purple Dots
    – 6 Green Dots
    – 6 Pink Dots
    A4 sized Label Sheet
    Print Captions from any Laser Printer
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

  • Media Size: 11.0” Long and 8.5” Wide
    Labels: 54 x 0.750” Diameter

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