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Health Care Forms — Emergency Record

Model #: 1303-01
Emergency Record — Medirex professionally-designed Health Care Form
Emergency Record — Medirex professionally-designed Health Care Form Emergency Record — Benefits of a Medirex professionally-designed Health Care Form

• Professionally designed to maximize readability of the forms content
• Templated for efficiency of information identification
• Includes CTAS Recording
• Health Records Archiving Identifiers
• Laser Printable
• Print-on-Demand*

The Emergency Record is a universal component to any emergency patient admission and a vital part providing a high quality of patient care. When this health care form is improperly designed it can increase the time required to provide care or create extra work for frontline staff, nurses, and physicians. As well, a poorly designed Emergency Record can cause errors leading to improper care being provided to the patient. 

Medirex provides professional designed health care forms placed in a pre-established template (which is used on all forms). On top of improving the readability of the forms, knowing where to find important information (demographic data, allergies, medications, etc) becomes easy as the templates ensure it is in the same place each time it appears on a form.

*Enable Print-on-demand with the Medirex Print Server

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