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8 Label Sheet — Custom

Model #: SKUCVCL
8 Labels Sheet — Custom
8 Labels Sheet — Custom

• 4 Large Labels
• 4 Thin Labels
• Laser Printable Label Sheet

This uniquely designed label set is used for unique needs in emergency (ER), the Operating room (OR), or Ambulatory clinics that have specific needs for labeling and do not need a full page of labels. It has many small labels that offer maximum flexibility while reducing wasted labels.

  • Priced Competitively
    Four 3.0″ x 2.0″ Labels
    Four 0.750″ x 2.250″ Specially-sized Labels
    Half-letter Label Sheet
    Prints from any Laser Printer
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

  • Media Size: 4.25” Long and 11.0” Wide
    Labels: 4 x 3.000” Long and 2.000” Wide
    Labels: 4 x 0.750” Long and 2.250” Wide

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