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30 Label Sheet

Model #: SKU7706
30 Label Sheet
30 Label Sheet

• 30 Standard-sized Labels
• Punch Holes for insertion in to Chart
• Laser Printable Label Sheet

The 7706 is a large set of 30 standard-sized Labels designed for general use in departments with a high-volume need for its patients. We produce a variety of label sets and bands with labels that are aimed at encounters with smaller needs.

  • Priced Competitively
    30 Standard-sized Labels
    Letter-sized Label Sheet
    Prints from any Laser Printer
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

  • Media Size: 11.0” Long and 8.5” Wide
    Labels: 30 x 2.500” Long and 1.000” Wide

  • (listed by Current PDC Supplier Code)

    9105-00NH-PDR, TM-ADMIT-02, WBW-AX51, WBW-AX73

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