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30 Label Sheet

Model #: SKU7706
30 Label Sheet
30 Label Sheet

• 30 Standard-sized Labels
• Punch Holes for insertion into Chart
• Laser Printable Patient ID Label Sheet

The 7706 is a large set of 30 standard-sized labels designed for general use in departments with a high-volume need for its patients. We produce a variety of patient ID label sets and bands with patient ID labels that are aimed at encounters with smaller needs.

    • All labels on the sheet (15 on 7115 and 30 on 7706) are standard 2.5” x 1.0” labels.
    • Ideal for high-acuity visits and extending the label count of any of our SuperSoft ID Band or Direct Thermal Band solutions.
    • Hole Punches make it easy to fit these into Chart.
    • This label sheet can be placed in standard trays in all laser printers that support label printing.

    for printing full label sheets in areas that use Thermal Printed patient ID Bands or in areas/departments that require a high volume of patient labels.

  • Media Size: 11.0” Long and 8.5” Wide
    Labels: 30 x 2.500” Long and 1.000” Wide

  • Priced Competitively
    30 Standard-sized Labels
    Letter-sized Label Sheet
    Prints from any Laser Printer
    Compatible with Medirex Print Server Software

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