Delivering Positive Patient Identification and Meeting your Best-Practices Criteria

Colour-Coded Patient Alerts Survey

All Hospitals, and most Long-Term Care facilities, use a patient ID band; however, the use of colour-coding to identify a patient alert is inconsistent from facility to facility. This has tremendous impact on patient safety, especially as Healthcare Regions and Local Health Integrated Networks (LHINs) expand and our large network of healthcare professionals become expected to seamlessly shift between facilities.

Fill out the survey by clicking the box that corresponds to your Alert/Colour Process; when you do, you will see this icon appear . Once you’ve entered all your Alerts/Colours, fill out the short form at the bottom of the page and click “Submit Results”.

  • RedYellowPurpleBlueGreenPinkOrangeWhiteOther
    Patient Alert – Check Chart
    Colour Not in Use
    Allergy Alert
    Allergy (other than Latex)
    Allergy – Tape
    Blood Type/Blood Band ID
    Dietary Restrictions
    DNR Limited
    Fall Risk
    Limb Alert
    No Alerts
    No Blood Products
    No Latex
    Nothing by Mouth (NPO)
    Outpatient or ER Patient
    Paediatrics/Mother-Child Match
    Procedure Site
    Restricted Extremity
    Similar Name
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