Delivering Positive Patient Identification and Meeting your Best-Practices Criteria

SuperSoft Patient ID Bands: Softest on the Market

That Soft.

It’s that soft.

During the past year, we have traveled across Canada meeting with front line teams that have multiple projects in addition to their day-to-day chores to deliver quality care.

The result? Soft, water and chemical proof bands for positive patient identification delivered from any laser, thermal, or inkjet printer. These bands have been developed to meet the needs that our Canadian clients defined as their “best practice” at a price so competitive, that no other bands or labels are necessary.

  • SuperSoft Band Only SKU8500: designed for reprints without the need to waste unwanted/unneeded labels.
  • SuperSoft Band with 20 Labels SKU8501X: designed for departments with larger labelling needs.
  • SuperSoft Band MFB SKU8501P: designed for use in Neonatal departments. Comes with Mother, Father, and Baby bands; unique to this product specifically are 4 baby bands to accommodate multiple births.
  • SuperSoft Band with 12 Labels SKU8512: designed to for departments with smaller labelling needs; reducing waste by providing fewer labels (soon available with 8 and 4 Labels).

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