Delivering Positive Patient Identification and Meeting your Best-Practices Criteria

Reduce Costs: Up to 50% Less Expensive

We’ve taken a look at what our competitors have to offer and notice a few differences, the biggest? Reduce costs, as the SuperSoft Patient ID Bands are up to 50% less expensive than our competitor’s “waterproof” soft band.

And it’s softer too!

We’ve heard it from everyone who’s felt our SuperSoft Bands, they can’t believe how soft and comfortable they are. We’ve proven that it’s earned the title “Waterproof” by making and testing a material that will hold printed and written content even after being submerged under water for over 10days. Working side-by-side with a testing hospital we designed (and redesigned) a product and glue combination that proved it’s durability. And now, we can tell you that when compared product-to-product to competitive “waterproof soft bands”, the SuperSoft ID Band is up to 50% less expensive; which helps you reduce costs.

Read more about the proven features, which reduce costs and improve each patient’s experience.

Reduce Costs & Improve Each Patient’s Experience

Partner any of these bands with our process improvement software, you can further reduce costs by reduce wasted bands and labels.

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