Delivering Positive Patient Identification and Meeting your Best-Practices Criteria

Medirex Story

Medirex Systems Inc. is a Healthcare Solutions Company that solves process problems in health care by integrating people, process, and technology. We work to achieve unique and in-depth partnerships with our clients. As a result, we’re able to anticipate your needs and design innovative patient-oriented solutions that deliver streamlined Health and Business processes.

Our vision is to deliver:

  • the right information
  • to the right person
  • in the right form
  • at the right time.

Expectations by patients, government, and senior management in hospitals are often unrealistic. During the past year we have travelled across Canada meeting with scores of front line teams that have multiple projects on the go, in addition to their day-to-day chores to deliver quality care. We understand the difficulty in healthcare today of identifying, evaluating, and implementing improved processes; whether clinical technical or business.

The demands by government to cut costs forces hospital management to implement these high-level concepts while still demanding delivery of quality care. This need to deliver quality care in a safe environment is a pillar of the Medirex team’s culture. We have been able to identify and remove barriers within our solutions’ processes, resulting in improved productivity.

Best practices

We have developed a unique SuperSoft, waterproof Band for positive patient identification, delivering improved patient-comfort that exceeds the requirements for Alternative Level of Care (ALC) patients.

We have a unique tool for collaboration—Peerstorm Proofing Tool—to assist key, internal and external stakeholders, which ensures commitment and drops the average approval time for Order Sets and Forms from 6-12 months to less than 3 weeks.

As a result of our research, and following Medirex’s best practice, we are able to deliver SuperSoft bands at a prices substantially below the industry standard.


Bands : Any reference to “Bands” indicates armband or wristband at a healthcare facility